Day 3 Of The ALX Software Engineering Program

Day 3 Of The ALX Software Engineering Program

Week #0 - Day 3 of the ALX program

So it's an exciting Wednesday as they guide us through shell navigation, we learn how to manipulate files on our Ubuntu sandbox while getting to know certain commands such as the

  • pwd
  • ls
  • cd
  • less
  • touch
  • cp
  • mv
  • rm
  • mkdir
  • rmdir

We have a checker - a bot that reads our sandboxes to know if we made the correct changes that was directed to us in our exercises.

We also learnt more on Grit and it's role to play in our daily lives as it happens to be the most common attribute among those who turn out to be successful, we were made to schedule a call with other peers of the academy to discuss grit and all we knew about it. It was fun, as it encouraged us to connect with other like minded peers of the program.