Day 1 & 2 Of The ALX Software Engineering Program

Day 1 & 2 Of The ALX Software Engineering Program first Monday and Tuesday in the ALX program.


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alx-header-logo.webp The program just started on the 15th of August and we are yet to get hands on to the real deal, so we are currently in the on-boarding process where they are telling us about the program, what we should expect , introduction of staffs and others. They are teaching us about navigating Slack and the Intranet - It's our virtual workspace, we would see the programs schedule, task for the day, sandboxes, curriculum and others. So far nothing 'heavy' has begun and we are being taught grit and the role it plays in the program.

We also got to make 'buddy-channel' on slack with our peers (maximum of 5 persons to prevent group crowd), and it looks like we are going to be together for a long while. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do hard things. All of us who are privileged enough to be healthy, to be alive, to have education and to have influence, our role is not to do small things and to solve small problems, the only way we can justify the privilege is by solving the world's biggest problems and by doing hard things
-Fred Swaniker